Welcome to Politics Program at the ME+

This is part of our program that is still being approved, and we have yet to formally offer it. However, we have multiple different programs waiting once we are approved. These include a vast amount of workshops and courses, as well as formal debates by experts in the field, and the opinion on ex-politicians and religious leaders. We also seek the opinions of economists and current politicians.

By seeking out the opinions and input from various leaders in the field, we strive to get a broad and diverse perspective, which is highly accurate to the current economic climate. We hope that by allowing our students to experience such a broad perspective, they will understand both our history and our current economic and political strengths, weaknesses and climate. We strive to allow students to ask as many questions as they need, in order to fully understand the syllabus and work that we are providing.

Our Upcoming Courses

Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies
Cultural Diversity in the Middle East
Challenges of international relations in the Middle East
Introduction to conflicts in the Middle East

Diplomacy and Negotiation in the Middle East
Government and Political Systems in the Middle East
Religious Sects in the Middle East
Introduction to History of the Middle East

Economy and Trade of the Middle East
Middle Eastern Foreign Affairs
Introduction to Geopolitics in the Middle East
Political Parties in the Middle East

Islam and Politics
Challenges to Democracy in the Middle East

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