Arabic Language Course Levels

There are two basic types of Arabic courses: the first is Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha) which is the official literary language of 27 countries and is the main written form of Arabic everywhere in the world. There is a colloquial variant (Amiya) of the language in every community in the Arab World with some being very different from each other while others are more similar, but in the end they all stem from the original classical Arabic. At Middle East Plus we offer Jordanian Amiya in the form of Standard Monthly, and Private Courses.
Our Fusha is given as Arabic 101, Arabic 102, and Arabic 103 (from beginner to advanced). Each of these levels can be completed in roughly 180 hours and so a semester program covers an entire language level. In the case of intensive monthly programs, they give approximately half a level worth of the language curriculum. The standard monthly courses cover only 1/5 of a course level, and so we recommend that students wishing to pursue an entire level of education should either sign up for 5 months or take a more intensive course.