About Middle East Plus

We are dedicated to cultivating strong, engaged students, well versed in the ways of the Middle East

Here at Middle East Plus, we are dedicated to cultivating strong, engaged students, well versed in the ways of the Middle East. We are situated in Amman, a modern and high traffic center of the Arab world. It is also the political capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Not only do we offer a vast number of languages, but we also offer cultural and political programs, to help you learn every aspect of the beautiful Middle East. We offer experienced teachers, who are passionate about ensuring that you have the best experiences.

We offer both classroom style, and immersion programs, so that you can learn in the way that suits you the best. As well as having a high level of programs, we also offer cultural events, which are offered all year round. These include music, history and art, as well as many more!

We are close to obtaining approval to run a politics program, in order to help students understand the complexities of the Middle East and the region. With stunning grounds and a high level of dedication, it is no wonder our school is one of the best centers of learning in the Middle East. We strive to offer the very best learning experience to our students, as well as to any visitors or guests to our school.

Whether your interest is politics, language, culture, or a combination of the three, you can be sure that you will receive the best training possible at our center. We aim to delight, inspire and enlighten our students, in order to spread the cultural knowledge of Arabia, and help students gain the insight and foreign skills that they need in order to thrive and succeed within the country, and across continents. Be it due to relocation, business relations, are simply a love of learning, we hope to facilitate your needs in the best way possible.

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